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      can anybody tell me, why this works when I test the movie but not if I start the swf? Because this is just a test, there is nothing else in the movie. thx!

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          arunbe Level 1
          Hi , i checked your coading.
          Its working..
          there is no problem.
          Just, you check the mp3 file is placed on the same location of the swf file.
          Bcos, its working for me.
          Other wise give the full path of the mp3 file.

          Cool :)

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            fl1691 Level 1

            thanks for checking. I entered the filepath but it is still the same: works fine if a test the movie (cntrl+ret), doesn't if I open the swf on the hard drive (I get this result at Mac and PC)?!?!?
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              arunbe Level 1
              Please check the Flash version.
              and also check the swf path and mp3 file path.
              I remind you again, if you didnt give the full path of the mp3 player, then you should keep the swf file and mp3 file in a sampe folder.