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    CF in .html pages

      Is it possible to run cold fusion code in .html pages? I am days from going live on a big project and the client is suddenly freaking out over the fact that her urls will not be ".html"
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          No it is not possible.

          But it is possible to have ColdFusion run html pages.

          Sorry the headache is making me a bit of a smart aleck this morning.

          To do this you will need control of your server. This is not something
          many Hosting companies will do on a shared box. But you can go into the
          IIS manager (I don't know the Apache equivalent, but I'm sure it is
          there) and associate the .htm and|or .html extension to the ColdFusion
          process. Then the webserver will and all such pages to ColdFusion which
          will process them just as it does .cfm pages.
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            Stressed_Simon Level 1
            You can rewrite them using either ISAPI rewrite or Mod_rewrite, it is prety simple. It depends whether you are on a shared host or not!
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              mad03801 Level 1
              It is shared hosting on Crystal Tech.
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                patweb Level 1
                If your webserver gives you the capability to change it executable path (example: .html files run through xxxx.dll) and just have .html files use the coldfusion dll, then theoredically it should work.

                I admit it could be a drastic change since you are working with shared hosting, but nevertheless it is an idea.