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    Add one character at  a time from External Text file

    DarrenFMc Level 1

      I'm using Flash 8, and I have created a standard Dynamic field that pulls the text from an external text file using the LoadVars function and it works fine.

      To get the correct effect for the design, I would like to be able to create the illusion that the characters are being typed out when the page loads as if someone has started typing and also hear the "Typewriter Clack" each time a character appears.

      The only place I have found an example is on the Syphon Filter Game website which seems to have created the illusion perfectly:


      (Check out the bottom right section)

      I could create a Movieclip and add a character each frame but, I would like to be able to edit the text when required via a text file or even ASP or PHP if neccessary.

      Any help would be grateful.