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    Actionscript prob - scrollpane buttons don't work!!

      hi, i've tried searching this one, no luck!!

      Pretty simple really, i have a flash mc with a scrollpane in it which refrences an external mc with buttons in it, all the buttons do is this:

      on (release) {

      It works when testin the movie, but when i actually come to viewing the movie in a browser or just clicking on the SWF file itself the buttons fully don't work!!!! Any ideas? Please help!!!
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          Flashygirl_UK Level 1
          similar to mine

          Mine is a button in a scrollpane that links to a keyframe on the swf that the scrollpane is in
          My buttons never work. Does anyone have a clue what I need to do?

          I feel like calling it a scroll pain !
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            rlc5611 Level 1
            A scrollpane is a mc with an instance name. The scrollpane's content is a child clip of the scrollpane mc. If you are not communicating with an mc in a different timeline, it is simply because the path is wrong. Now it is a little complicated because the path will depend on whether the button is truly a button button or simply a mc button because there is an offset of one timeline between the two types of objects. Trial and error may be useful.

            For a button inside a scrollpane trying to talk to an object in the same timeline as the scrollpane, one of the two should work:

            "button" button ---- this._parent._parent.gotoAndStop("myend");


            mc button --- this._parent._parent._parent.gotoAndStop("myend");

            There is nothing wrong with the scrollpane. Get the path correct and everything will work as you want.

            note: "myend" was the frame name I used for testing. It has no further significance.