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    Movie Clip will not stop looping

      Not sure what I have to do to make a swf NOT loop. In publish settings I have deselected loop under the html tab. even in the exported code it shows ><param name="loop" value="false" />
      In action script I have the following, (its a wmv, imported as a movie clip), this is Frame 1, action layer

      videoSound=new Sound(video);

      btn_mute.onRelease = function() {

      btn_sound.onRelease = function() {

      the first stop is of course so it won't autoplay. The sound buttons and play-stop button are working perfectly. It just won't stop looping.

      I tried putting another video.stop() at bottom of this scripting, no help, made frame 2 a keyframe, and put video.stop() there as well, also no help. Also tried plain stop(); no help

      Beats me! Why do they have a "loop" option when it apparetnly means nothing?? Any help? I am definitely a newbie, though have been thru 3/4 of the Hands On Training Book, and have some experience with programming. But flash is totally new to me as is action script. I would apprecate any advice. Thanks!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          why are you setting videoSound to loop 999 times? (and your html loop option is for a published swf that's opened in a browser via its html page, and is not relevent to an imported file.)
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            JKeefeHolmes Level 1
            Thanks for the reply, good point re the 999 loop, I did that just because thats what it said in the HOT book

            I tred setting it to 1, and see it makes no difference. Still loopiinig.

            However this is a published swf file displayed on a web page, so given what you have said, unless I misunderstand, the loop option s/b relevant. But as I said I am a raw rookie.

            I import the wmv, as a movie clip, put the play, stop, mute and sound buttons on the stage below it, and publish it as swf and html. It is open in a page using that html. It all works great, except I don't want it to loop. Thanks.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              using a 1 means you want that to loop once. if you don't want your sound to loop, omit that 2nd parameter.

              you have limited (like no ability) to edit your wmv file in flash. if you convert it to a flv, you'll have more control.
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                JKeefeHolmes Level 1
                ok I seem to have made some progress, but also stepped back at the same time. I exported it as flv in premiere 2.0, and imported to flash 8 as embedded video. bottom line quickly, it now plays two times and stops, so thats better. :) however all of my control buttons stopped working. I did instantiate the flv as -video-, but the scripts shown above no longer work. It also autoplays at load, so in publish settings I told it not to, but without the buttons working I cannot get it to play at all. Chuckle chuckle. So if autoplya, it plays twice, but my buttons do not work at all, if no autoplay, it can do nothing as the buttons do not work.

                I am surprised the buttons do not work as the instance is still video and I did not change anything. Ah so much I do not know. Can you nudge me along a little further. I sure appreciate yours and anybodys help as I try to get out of kindergarten.
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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  the easiest way to procede is to use the flvplayback component.
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                    JKeefeHolmes Level 1
                    kg, thanks so much. I have progressed now to a much better thing, I am streaming the flv off my server. I wonder if you can help with two things re that.

                    One is it tells you as you are importing the flv, that after you click finish and it encodes etc, that it "uses a skin that has been copied next to your .fla file" and this must also be uploaded. I have no clue what they mean about copied next to my fla file. I look in the folder where the fla is saved and see nothing. How do I upload this skin? Withiijn flash its working perfectly when I ctl-enter, mute, play etc. but from the site it is merely the video without the skin.

                    ALSO from withn flash, the transport shows inside the video frame instead of below it. I have resized the skin, resized the blank white window, but it changes nothing. How do I get the transport below the video? Thanks!