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    dynamic generation of tabs or accordian

    hatethisnamegame Level 1
      I need to display information as follows:
      Dept A
      Group 1
      Position 1-1
      Position 1-22
      Group 2
      Position 2-1
      Dept B
      Group 1
      Presently do it using <cfoutput query="myQuery" group="Dept"> and so on to create divs that I then show and hide with DHTML/Javascript
      The number of departments change as do the groups and positions so the divs have to be generated dynamically based on a query.
      Can the same thing be done in Flex 2 with tabs or accordians?
      Final issue is my hosting service does not have Data Services installed so I wiould have to pr-compile the SWF files. If this was do-able in Flex 2 would the pre-compled SWF still implement the dynamic creation of the tabs/accordians?