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    Embedding Fonts

      Can someone explain to me why I cannot embed a font into a projector using Director MX2004? I have a client supplied font (Requiem) that I used in my movies, but when I try to embed the font it does not show up in the Original Font List. I installed the fonts on my system (MacBook Pro) using my Font Book, and I know they are there, I've been using them from within Director. Any help would be great, Thanks.

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          Is it a TrueType font? I think those are the only kind you can import.
          There are tools out there to convert other font types to TrueType as well.
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            We've been having this same problem on a CD-ROM we're designing. We've had no fewer than four people working on this for weeks and haven't figured it out. We've found some posts ( one, two, three) but none have these have worked. The best we can figure it's an awful bug that Adobe/Macromedia really needs to fix (considering installing fonts seems pretty important to certain projects).

            The closest we've come to figuring this out was by installing the fonts on our PC (which has MX) and creating an external cast with the fonts then opening up the external cast on my Mac. We're still trying to get it to work because the external cast still seems to be looking for an original font on my system, but I think if the font names on my machine and the fonts in the external cast match, then it would work.

            One thing that our Director pro pointed out which is one way to fix the problem is to tell Director to publish all text members as bitmap (as opposed to using a font). This has it's problems with certain computers running the projector and it probably has a larger file size (versus embedding the fonts) but it's worked for us so far.

            To do this, sort all your cast members by type, and select all your text members. Go to your property inspector under "Text." At the bottom of the menu beside "Pre-render" select "Copy Ink" (if you're not using any special inks) or "Other Ink" (if you're using background transparent ink or the like). Then check the box that says "Save Bitmap." As I said, this will publish all the text members as bitmaps rather than use the font.

            Hope this helps!
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              Also, BuddyAPI (and probably other xtras) have the ability to install a
              font on the computer (given that the person is logged in with sufficient
              access permissions to install a font). So, it is possible to include
              the font file on the CD-ROM and before the Director app opens, have a
              stub movie that installs the font on the computer. Then it will work
              perfectly. Of course, you need to make sure that you have legal rights
              to install the font on the other person's computer (and I mean you need
              to have distribution rights to the font as well as permission from the
              user to affect their system)