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    Installer launch

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      I have created an installer that installs the projector and all project files onto the users harddrive but leaves the large QT files on the CD. The user therefore has to have the CD in the CD-ROM drive of their computer to be able to run the application.

      The problem I have is that I don't want the installer autorunning everytime the CD is put into the users CD-ROM drive. I only want this to happen if the user hasn't yet installed the files.

      I'm thinking that I could create a stub projector that searches the users harddrive for a file that I have included in the installation and if it finds it, then it doesn't launch the installer, but if it doesn't then it does launch the installer.

      Can anyone tell me how I search for a file on the users harddrive as I don't know where the user will have installed the files? And whether you think this is the best way of achieving this?

      Thanks for any help!
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          I would use the setpref function to store a note as te installation is
          completed, for best accuracy one could store the install location in the
          pref file, and use fileXtra4 to confirm the installed file(s) still

          Having a projector even briefly run will still be a pain, consider not
          doing autorun.