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    MovieClip Depth

    sbryner Level 1

      I have a MovieClip.... extraInfo_mc
      I want it to, when loaded into a component loader to display above all other graphics/text.
      It displays above some but not all (don't know why) they are all on the bottom layer of the main .swf.

      I've tried in my Loader.swf's actionscript:

      // when moreInfo_mc is released extraInfo_mc will be visible to display on top of all mc's and text \\

      moreInfo_mc.onRelease = function () {
      extraInfo_mc._visible = true;

      // also trie \\
      moreInfo_mc.onRelease = function () {
      extraInfo_mc._visible = true;
      _root.x +=200;

      can somebody tell me what the right way to place the mc on top of the main timeline would be?


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          coldMiner Level 1
          1. maybe there are some movieclips loaded into a higher _level?
          2. Or maybe extraInfo_mc is not a dynamic movie, but a movieclip on the timeline?

          if 1 - load extraInfo_mc on a higher _level
          if 2 - link from libary and use attachMovie()
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            I tried
            The way things are placed in the movieclip hierarchy makes a big difference. Swapping depths or other methods of setting depth only work if the two or more movieclips you are working with are in the same level in the movieclip hierarchy. You may be trying to set a movieclip within a movieclip to a higher depth than something one level back in the hierarchy. It can get confusing pretty quickly and it is imperative that you have a firm grasp on how your movieclips are arranged. For help with that, I like to use x-ray, found at http://osflash.org/xray.
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              sbryner Level 1
              I got it. I can see how quickly it gets confusing. I just linked it to the loader and made sure the loaders depth was the highest on the "main" timeline.

              not sure if it's proper but I didn't really attach it to a movie clip
              I just used:

              attachMovie("moreInfo", "extraInfo_mc",20);

              without a movieClip in front of it. Will I have troubles later or is it just attaching it to the timeline somehow?

              anyway, it works.

              Thanks all that replied.