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    Problem exporting large QT files in Premiere

      I have Adobe Premiere (a recent edition - not sure if it's Pro but close) and I am trying to export a movie from my timeline into a Quicktime file. On smaller files (say, under 3 minutes) it works fine, no errors, and the QT files play fine.

      But anything bigger than that and I get the "Error 2048" message. This error pops up right as Premiere finishes exporting the file.

      I have seen the "Error 2048" issue addressed here and on a few other forums, but since the smaller QT files export and play fine, I do not believe this is a problem with my Quicktime program.

      I normally export to AVI and have never had problems with that, but for this project I'm dealing with Mac people who apparently have issues with AVI's coming from a PC.