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    Pop Win Problems

    Spindrift Level 1

      I have a movieclip in my Flash 8 movie that has some buttons which when clicked on launch a centred pop up window.

      The problem is, is that the user has to close an already opened pop window before they can select another button to open another.

      What I want to happen is if the user already has a pop up open and selects another button to launch another pop win, the already open pop win automatically closes and the new one opens.

      From what I have found out so far, I will need to be using functions createPopUp and deletePopUp but I have no idea how to use them!

      Can anybody tell me what syntax I would need to use so the buttons would function the way I need please and where I would need to put it i.e. on the buttons themselves, on the timeline in the mc etc?

      Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.

      All the best,