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    Group working with FLV-files


      For a couple of times now, I've wanted just to create the FLV-file and send it to my co-workers for them to process it into a SWF-file. I haven't been able to, though. Has anyone else succeeded in doing this. I and my collagues have our own copies of Flash and I've started to think that it is the problem because their Flash won't import my FLV-files even though they are the same version (8.0). I would like to be able to do this because then there wouldn't have to be an SWF-file between my FLV-file and their Flash-movie and they would have more control on the FLV-video.

      My expertise is animation and theirs is web-design so it is no use me doing the SWF-movies. On the other hand I don't want to send them the original movie-file because it is several times bigger than the FLV-file. It isn't reasonable