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    Sliding Navigation Menu (+ Advice)

    dirving2013 Level 1
      Hi, I am new to Flash. I have tried to pick it up several times over the years but always seem to come up against problems. It seems that Flash is more dependant on Actionscript now than it ever was. I am not a programmer by any sense and feel like learning AS will be too time consuming and a little beyond me. If anybody has any advice on overcoming this I would be very interested to hear from like minded individuals who have gone through the same.

      An example of what I now find myself trying to do (and hitting a brick wall) is create a sliding menu for a website. Imagine a list of links with a triangle next to the home (top link). I want to be able to click on one any link and have the arrow move to the link I just clicked (and load the relevant page). I didn't think this would be too hard but either it is or I'm just stupid.

      Any advice?