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    Convert .fla file to single movie clip - how!!??

      Hi all!

      I have a website (have a quick look: www.thebrightsidedesign.com) which currently uses separate swf files for each page. I have decided to convert each swf file into single movie clips and use one large swf file instead (to get rid of gaps between pages etc etc). I AM VERY NEW TO FLASH SO YOU HAVE TO BE A LITTLE PATIENT!

      I'm having trouble converting an entire .fla file to a movie clip.

      Here's what I'm doing:

      I select all the frames in the fla file.

      then go to a new document sized correctly and create a movie clip symbol.

      then I use "pate in place" and paste what I copied into frame 1 of this movie clip.

      But this doesn't seem to work - I just get a static image of the page rather than the moving movie clip.