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    Frame - Refresh Problem

      I have a CF page with 2 frames in index.cfm:

      FrameHeader.cfm has a horizontal list of dynamically built Links & a static form with a couple of form elements.
      MainMenu.cfm also has a list of dynamically built Links.

      Links in both frames are built from a query in application.cfm & this works.
      List of links are built based on user profile/role upon successful login & also the session.

      Clicking on any link in either of the frames, the page is loaded in mainframe & this works.
      TopFrame has the menu links & is to remain same.

      Once the links are loaded in both the frames, if index.cfm is refreshed by clicking the refresh button, the pages looses
      tomframe. It is like index.cfm is doing a <cfinclude of mainMenu.cfm
      But if the frames are refreshed individually by doing a right mouse button click, each frame refreshes fine individually.

      Thanks in advance for the assistance.

      All code (except some tables - used for formatting) used in shown in code attachment.