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      Hi all,

      I was able to get the preloader working fine. Just curious about one thing. When the swf movie load, the preloader does not start at 0. It will always start at somewhere in the middle. How do I make so that when the swf load, the preloader will always start at 0. Thanks.
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          Your preloader is part of the total movie bytes you're looking to load. So if your preloader takes up 20k, and your total file is 40k, your preloader will start at 50%. There are many ways to compensate for it.

          1) toss some math in your code to ignore preloader bytes in the total, and loaded.
          2) instead of targeting the entire movie for getTotalBytes, just target one movieclip with everything else in it.
          3) put so many images and sound files in the movieclips in the back part of your movie that your preloader is insignificant (this is a silly one, but I enjoy the idea)
          -there are plenty of other ways.

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            indomie Level 1
            Cool. Thanks. I like the last idea the best. But I will try all of them
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              crazyjoemilan Level 2
              Awww, #3 was kind of a joke. it is a good way to test my theory though, but probably not a good idea for permanent implementation. Keep me updated!
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                indomie Level 1
                That's true. Try it out. The third one works fine for small project.