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    Hiding text strings in a topic from a search

      We have topics that sometimes include hyperlinked text to other topics. The hyperlinked text that is displayed is the actual name of another topic, as in "Creating a project". Is there a way to set the properties for this hyperlinked text so that it will be excluded from any search. For example, if a user searches on the word "project", the topic containing the hyperlinked text will appear in the hit list even if the topic itself has nothing to do with projects (it only contained a link to the topic dealing with projects).

      Note: We do not want to include the hyperlinked text as a related topic link that is hidden under a button that the user has to click in order to see the linked text. We want the text to be visible in the body of the topic.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I assume you are using compiled HTML help as you are posting in this forum. If so, you need to understand that the search facility in a CHM file is a free form text search. As such it will find all instances of a text string. If you don't want to hide a link under a button/image there is no way that I know of of hiding a topic in the way you describe. Perhaps someone can prove me wrong?
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            Pete Lees Level 2
            If this is compiled HTML Help (.chm), you should just need to munge the word "project" in your HTML source code so that it differs from the search string that the user might enter. For example, the following should look and work just like a standard hyperlink, but a search for the word "project" will fail to find it:

            <a href="target.html">Creating a pro<nobr>ject</a>

            You do have to be a little careful, however, because if the text string "project" exists elsewhere in the topic, a search for that word will find both the genuine instance and the munged version.