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    DateField and the BorderColor

    KomputerMan.com Level 1
      Hi all...
      I have a DateField control in my app using this command:
      <mx:DateField id="Input_BirthDate" styleName="DateChooser" yearNavigationEnabled="true" top="115" left="10" labelFunction="formatDate"
      parseFunction="null" />

      I am calling a stylesheet with this being the entry for the DateChooser:
      DateChooser {
      borderthickness: 10;
      bordercolor: #000033;
      fillAlphas: 1, 1, 1, 1;
      fillColors: #ccffff, #ccffff, #000033, #000033;
      headerColors: #cccccc, #cccccc;
      highlightAlphas: 0, 0;
      todayColor: #6e0000;
      backgroundColor: #cccccc;
      backgroundAlpha: .85;
      dropShadowEnabled: true;
      shadowDistance: 3;
      shadowDirection: right;
      theme-color: #6e0000;

      Everything in the stylesheet works for the DateField except for the Bordercolor and Borderthickness lines. I've tried the Border-color as well. Any ideas as to why the border color and thickness will not work on a DateField control???

      Oh... I've even tried this as my stylesheet entry without any success:
      DateChooser {
      borderthickness: 10;
      bordercolor: #000033;

      and this:
      DateChooser {
      border-thickness: 10;
      border-color: #000033;

      Have an Ordinary Day...
      KomputerMan ~|:-)

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          peterent Level 2
          You may have a bug and I'll have to try this out if I get a chance. But I found it interesting that you chose a style name of DateChooser and you made it a type selector, not a class selector in the style sheet.

          Did you intend to do this? What's you've done is set the style for the DateChooser component, not the DateField. Perhaps you should change the type selector name from DateChooser to DateField.