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    action script trouble, pls help

    svea1969 Level 1
      I´m hoping someone here will be able to help me solve my problem. I´m a photographer and my portfolio is built in Flash MX. All the images are loaded as separate movie clips into a container on the main "page". The problem arises when you look through the imagesin one of the sections, go back to the main page and then go back into the section you were on before.
      If you look through the images until, say for instance, image 15, then leave the portfolio and go to another section (main, cv, links etc) and then you go back to portfolio you will end up on image 16 instead of image 1. To get back to the first image you have to refresh the whole page (or go via the back buttons all the way to the start). Can someone help me fix this? My portfolio is on www.stinarosen.com If you need to look at the script I´m using I´ve posted screen dumps on my blog which is on http://fleshheadsweden.blogspot.com. If you need any other information to be able to help out, just let me know.
      It would be fantastic if someone could help out!
      Thanks, Stina