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    wmv distribution help please

      I'm using a combination of director and dreamweaver for my site. My movie (dcr) file which is incorporated into the page I'm working on has a wmv file embedded in it. Now when I check the site from my own computer, everything functions on the web site as it should. When I go to the test pc that I have which doesn't have a copy of director on it, the site either hangs on the shockwave load screen or displays a red X in a red box where the movie should be. Come to think of it, a couple times, the shockwave loaded and not even the red X in the box appeared. At times it was just blank space where the wmv should be. I'm pretty sure it has to do with me either having too many xtras embedded into the file or the wrong ones... or... I don't know. All I know is everyting is uploaded to the site where it should be and I just need it all to function on everyones pc the way it does on mine. Someone please help.

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          THe red x usually indicate a missing xtra.

          Embedded xtras are stored in projectors, the movie file might contain a
          list of required xtras that the end user's shockwave installation must
          provide, "shockwave safe" xtras can auto download to the user's system
          if specified in the movie xtras list.