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    moving images?

      Hi There,

      I have loaded an image into a Loader component (instance name: imageLoader) on my screen, but as part of a loop would like to move this image out to another Loader component (instance name: imageLoader1) on the screen when I pick up a new image to put into the original Loader component (imageLoader).

      My question is this . . . is it possible to simply move the original image from imageLoader to imageLoader1 without redirecting imageLoader1 to file path of the image? This is what my code (as below) does at the moment, but for each image the path to that image is going to change so it would be quicker and easier if I could just refer the new Loader instance to the image in the previous Loader instance without having to redirect it to the image using the previous image file path.

      Any help would as always be greatly appreciated! Thanks.