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    lod modifier with auto = false causing debris in 3d world

    dsdsdsdsd Level 1

      I have 1 model in a w3d file which is imported into my cast :
      member( "my_w3d" ).model( "my_original_model" ) ;

      I use the modelresource to create a new model:
      new_model = member( "my_w3d" ).newmodel ( "booger" , member( "my_w3d" )..modelresource( "my_original_model" ) )

      and then add the lod modifier to it:
      new_model.addModifier ( #lod )
      new_model.lod.auto = false

      the reult is that a bunch of random debris shows up in my world; if I do not set the auto = false,
      I do not have a problem ( ofcourse then I am unable to control level of detail );

      any thoughts?