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    Preload with an image

      I know I am close..or at least I think...can someone please look at this ( http://wwwdev.lafayette.edu/flash/index_movie_1_w_pre.fla) and tell me why I do not see the preloader please!

      Thank you so much!
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          themortalgod01 Level 1
          flash only displays a frame once the whole frame is loaded and since all your download weight is in the same frame as the preloader the loader wont show up until that frame has finished loading and since when that frame finishes loading your movie is 100% loaded the complete listener triggers and makes it invisible, simply move your progress bar to a different scene on its own that plays as the palyer is loading the rest of your flash file, btw i suggest going back into photoshop and using save for web on that image as it is REALY big and will effect download time, the jpg you imported was 500kb large! a jpg of that size for web should be under 100kb so thus after the flash compression it will be like 50kb instead of 111kb

          your progress bar is a component so i cant realy help you there as i build all my stuff from scratch and don't know the component class very well.