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    Re: PDF to FlashPaper 2

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      I am also developing a similar kind of library application wher I have arnd
      doc_name and doc_id in DB. My requirement is to design a CF template which
      reads doc_id passed to it via form, query the DB for the doc_name (doc_name
      can be .xls / .pdf / .doc) and render the fileto FlashPaper.

      I used
      <cfdocument format="FlashPaper" src="sample.pdf" mimetype="application/pdf">

      It renders the flashpaper but the text in it is junk. The text look like a
      .pdf file opend in notepad.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      hi all,

      I'm trying to build an application over Coldfusion that implements a
      conversion from a pdf into a Flashpaper document. The only way I had found
      do that is using FlashpaperConnect.dll that comes with Contribute 3. My
      is that I need to run ColdFusion over Linux and Contribut does not have a


      Is there any library for linux with the same function of
      Anybody know another way to implement this kind of conversion that could
      in linux?