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    Error loading local webhelp page

      I compiled a fresh webhelp page on my local machine, which worked fine after I allowed the "active content" to run (Win XP SP2). I then added a "mark of the web" tag to all of my .htm files to prevent the active content message bar. An error now appears in my browser while loading the page, after the TOC navigation bar is built, but before the topics are loaded.

      Line: 442
      Char: 3
      Error: 'gaProj[...].sPPath' is null or not an object
      Code: 0
      URL: file://...\RoboHelp Office\RoboHTML\...\!SSL!\WebHelp\whskin_pdhtml.htm

      The line 442 reference seems to be related to the whcsh_home.htm file. Anyone have any thoughts on this error?



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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi bluemccarty and welcome to the community

          Unfortunately, MOTW doesn't work with WebHelp output. Trust me, I've tried. Repeatedly.

          On the up side, this should really only affect you as an author. Once you place the content on a server or the web, your users won't encounter the information bar.

          Cheers... Rick
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            CraigCC Level 2
            Hi Bluemccarty,

            Unfortunately, you cannot just add Mark of the Web to the .htm pages as other webhelp components come into play including the .xml files used to display the TOC and index. This only happens when you run the webhelp output locally of course, but it is a complete pain if you want to ship help that needs to be viewed both locally and on a server/website.

            A few of us have tried adding mark of the web to resolve the issue, but if my memory serves me well, no one has found a solution. We do need one! Hopefully this will be addressed in the X6 version of Robohelp.

            You can try modifyng the other output files in the webhelp folder to inhibit the information bar, but you will need to do this each time the output is generated.

            Unless anyone else has found a solution?
            Kind Regards
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              CraigCC Level 2

              Morning Rick, we must stop meeting like this :-)
              Have a great day
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                bluemccarty Level 1
                Thanks for the quick responses. Working around the heightened security built into SP2 has made my life a bit difficult. Do you have any suggestions how the Robohelp output files could be adjusted to avoid the XP SP2 active content activation bar, and still run?