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    Custom Pop-up Troubles

    jordana309 Level 1
      Hi. My team and I have developed a training system using custom Flash components that contain a screenshot. I have a custom pop-up component that is generated with the rolling-over of a custom button that is transparent. The buttons are put over something on the page, so the user knows they are mousing over it, and then when they click it, it navigates and carries a correct or incorrect variable (it counts the wrong clicks so that a score can be awarded at the end). I also have an custom collapsable instructions pane that contains details of what to do on each screen.
      My first problem is this: I need to be able to make these popups persist for a few seconds when the person clicks on their rollOverInstance (the button instance, usually, though it can be any instance). The problem is that the popup takes the button's event handler, then has to call the button's events, so i'd need a _global or something to ensure that, when clicken on, the button's rollOut events (and such--IE status changes to the button) still get called, but the popup remains--unless the user mouses over and back out again.
      My second problem is that I need to be able to make my popups take into account the instructionsPane and bottom of the Brower, and move accordingly. Here's the problem--our training vids have the "Web Page" on the bottom layer as a movieClip (this is that screenshot I spoke of not long ago). Inside that movieClip is where these buttons and pop-ups are. Above the "Web Page" is a custom browser component that just allows you to scroll the web page around inside of it. So that to pop-ups and buttons move with the page, they are put inside the movieClip. Above the browser is the instructionPane. So, there is no easy way I could make the pop-ups appear above the InstructionsPane, but then again, I dont know what layer it is on anyway.

      If you can help at all, I'd be most thankful.

      Thanks in advance! This is a time-critical item for us!