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    Skipping to cue points in FLV player

    bb73 Level 1
      I have an audio only FLV file that is about 45 minutes long with 60 cue points embeded in it from Final Cut Pro. The FLV is then being brought into my Flash 8 file using the FLV playback component. The Flash file itself is set up in presentation mode so that there is a parent level "presentation" slide, then on the child level below is the "controls" slide that holds the FLV playback component that points to the FLV file. From here there are 60 child level slides below the "controls" slide that contain the elements that pop up as each cue point is reached during playback. So far the FLV plays fine and everytime a cue point is reached the appropriate content slide appears from that group of 60. My problem is skipping slides. When I click the "next" button in the FLV playback component (I'm using the SteelExternalAll.swf skin) the progress bar shoots to the end and starts it over and whatever slide it's on at the time stays up, so even though the audio is starting from the beginning it will stay stuck on whatever slide was on before hitting the "next" button.
      I've messed with numerous settings in the component inspector with no luck. Any ideas?