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    Single vector deceleration

    Some1Won Level 1

      I think this is one of those dead simple problems, yet I can’t seem to figure out what is going on...

      I’m trying to get an object/ball to start at some speed, smoothly decelerate, and stop exactly as some specified distance.

      The formula I’m using is from 1d kinematics:

      V(f)^2 = V(i)^2 + 2ad

      V(f) is 0, since I want it to stop moving, acceleration I have set to -1, and distance I have set to 100.

      V(i) = squareRoot(-2 * a * d);

      Yet when I run it, my object starts at 0px, and stops at 92.95px and I can't figure out why it never reaches whatever my distance is set as.