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    FLVPlayback Trying to Modify Skin File

      With FLVPlayback, there is a bar that shows you how far you are in the movie, and a darker one behind it shows how far the movie has loaded whilst it is playing. I believe this is called the Buffering Bar...it is the bar which tells you how far it is loaded when streaming video. I hope this is clear.

      So here's my problem; I can't get it to go darker. It is not very obvious (you have to squint to see it) and I want to make it more so. I could make it either darker or lighter - I really don't care at this point. I think lighter would be the preference. I don't know what to change in the skin file.

      I'm using my own skin that I created myself, but the bufferingBar MC's don't seem to have any effect in the final version. I changed them to bright green and still couldn't see it in the published file.