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    open pdf

    hope1 Level 1

      I am new to Flash, and have read other posts regarding this, but do not understand. I have a flash movie embedded in a webpage. The button, upon release, is suppose to open a pdf file, not in a browser window. How does one do that?

      Thank you so much for considering this.
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          if you uploaded the pdf on your server, and linked the button to blahblah.pdf, it automatically prompts for download
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            hope1 Level 1
            Dear dzedward,

            Thank you for this quick reply. Before this nice reply I did that. And when i did a 'test movie', it opens 2 blank browser windows, the folder the .fla is in locally, plus downloading the pdf....oh, brother.....(-:

            Since your reply, I uploaded the movie in the webpage and tested it online and it works perfectly. Thank you so much. I guess testing without uploading does not work with in the 'test movie' mode.

            Thank you again so, so much. I really appreciate it.
            Sincerely, and have nice day...
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              hope1 Level 1
              I did the 'get url' and used the absolute address for the pdf file. Does that seem right?