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    Flex Data Management  Service

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      I have developped a FDS application that functions well on my development
      computer, and also if I deploy it on one of our internet servers. This
      application reads data from a hsql database, and displays it in an editable
      datagrid. The database resides under the WEB-INF folder of my application.
      I'm using Apache Tomcat as the web container, serving the contents on port
      8080 for both: the development computer and the remote server.
      I can run the application, editting data, seeing the data updates, etc. in the
      following cases:
      1. From different client-computers (intel, mac) if I load the app from the
      internet server. E.g. two computers accessing
      http://myServer.nl:8080/myApp.mxml will be able to see the data, edit it, and
      see each ones changes almost immediately. Great!!!
      2. On my own local development computer, if I load the application in two
      browser windows, as http://localhost:8080/yApp.mxml.
      I see data, can edit the data, and see the changes in both browsers.

      My dev.computer has local IP address:
      In the following situation the application will start, but no data will load:
      3. My dev.computer has Tomcat running (in Flex-debug mode), i.e. is the server
      If I connect from another computer on our intranet, e.g., using, I can see myApp loading, but the datagrid
      will not be populated! In the Tomcat console I will see the mxml being
      compiled, but no exchange in terms of command/acknowledgement packets, etc.
      So I placed a crossdomain.xml file on my dev.computer:
      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM
      " http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd">
      <allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="*"/>
      But this does not help me further. I don't know exactly where to place it, but
      tried many different places within the myApp project. Besides, I am on the same

      My question: how can I make this work for the local intranet?
      I am open for any suggestion.

      A. I get the same situation when I try DMS examples from Adobe blogs, e.g.
      the testdrive examples from Christophe Coenraads. (great work done by
      B. Of course I can continue developping and testing using the remote server.
      But it is much more convenient to do it locally, and besides I would like to
      learn what I'm doing wrong ;-))
      Rui Rosado

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          There are a couple of things to check here. First, make sure that youre configuration settings for each channel are correct. If those all look good (i.e. have the correct IP) then make sure you are running the debug player. Set your mm.cfg file to turn on trace logging.

          [Homedrive:\Documents and settings\user\mm.cfg]

          Add the following mxml code to your application:

          <mx:TraceTarget /> // this will turn on client side logging which defaults to show everything

          Run the application and then open the flashlog.txt file and look for any errors related to channel connect problems or possible sandbox violations. The flashlog.txt file will be located in the same directory as the mm.cfg unless you have specified it to reside somewhere else within the mm.cfg file.