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    Problems Exporting to the Recent Quciktime Upgrade

      Since the recent Quicktime upgrade to 7.1.3 I have had trouble with the
      animations I've made in Flash Professional 8 and exported to Quicktime.

      Most of the time, my flash animations require flash movie clips embeded in the flash timeline.
      In the past, when I have exported these flash animations as Quicktime files,
      there is no problems, but now, since the upgrade, the export does not play
      back properly, and it is obvious that Quicktime is unhappy with these
      embedded clips within the flash timeline. Is there a way around this
      problem? Is there a Flash fix? A way for me to maintain embedded movie clips in my timeline and
      still export a working Quicktime 7.1.3 file!?!

      Note: The goal is to eventually import these Quicktime files into Keynote.