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    Type mismatch in webservices

      Hi All,

      I am keep getting the type mismatch on webservice. I am trying to pass a array to a method in webserivce. The method is call "PubDetials". But it keep telling me type mismatch while I am passing array into the method. The error is at below

      Could not perform web service invocation "PubDetails" because java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch

      Here is my code:

      sp_WebServiceURL = " http://localhost/....../.........../?????.asmx?WSDL";

      tPub = ArrayNew(1);

      sp_WebService = createobject("webservice", "#sp_WebServiceURL#");

      ArrayOfTPublication[1] = StructNew();

      ArrayOfTPublication[1].PubCode = "ATN";

      result = sp_WebService.PubDetails(ArrayOfTPublication);