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    targeting problem

      i need your urgent help.
      i created a image slider that slides left or right as mouse moves to right or left. i have to use absolute path targeting in my sliding movie.then it works. but when i load the sliding movie inside an other terget in website interface, slider doesn't work. I know the problem is with targeting. i mean i have to use relative paths in slider movie but i can't because the slider doesn't work.
      you guys can show me a way to make the slider movie independent from the main target (Where it loads in)?
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          Assuming you are loading into a movie clip, set the _lockroot property of
          that clip to true (you can find this property under the MovieClip class in
          AS dictionary for a full explanation of what it does).

          BTW - there's no reason relative paths wouldn't work - I imagine you just
          haven't got the path right.

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