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    Lingo and avi

      hello everybody!
      this is a new director user looking for help!
      i'm developing a movie in which some avi files are imported in runtime mode through some lingo commands. my problem is that the audio of this avi files is not available: i looked in the property inspector of the new member created to host the digital video and i found out that the audio property was not selected; by selecting it while the dir movie is playing, the audio is switched on. what i need and look for is a lingo command to access the audio property and switch it on in runtime mode, after avi importing operation.

      is there anybody who can help me??
      thank you in advance
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          Level 7
          Try: member("avi").sound = TRUE

          Tip: if you select a member and use the Property Inspector in List View
          mode you see the names of properties available to Lingo. For example,
          with a #digitalVideo member in "normal" view the checkbox is named
          "Audio" but when you switch to List View it reports as "sound"
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            millino Level 1
            thank you very much sean!
            your advices have been very useful, first of all the one about the List View in Property Inspector; actually just before receiving your answer i tryed with member('avi').audio but it didnt work

            now everything works correctly!
            thank you