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    HELP: Flash animations appear "linked" in FrontPage pages

    scott1956 Level 1
      I'm a relatively new user to Flash MX 2004.

      I am creating simple UNlinked animations in Flash MX 2004, then placing them in FrontPage 2003 web pages. Even though these animations are not linked to any webpages, when placed in a webpage and viewed in MSIE 6 or Firefox 1.5, the user's cursor turns into a "hand" whenever he/she hovers over these animations, indicating that they are linked to something. Once the user clicks on the animation, the hand goes away. But before being clicked, the animations appear to be linked AND they show a light "border" around the animation. The border, like the "hand," goes away after clicking once on the animation.

      How do I get the "hand" and the "border" around the animations to go away in a FrontPage 2003 designed web page?

      Many thanks for your assistance.