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    Need help with password protecting a video clip

      I have a client that needs to have a video clip password protected. I created the password protection routing which works fine. When the Submit button is depressed with the correct password, a new button is displayed saying Play Movie.
      The code I used loads the video html page in a new browser window. The problem is that it can be bookmarked and fired up again without the password. I then tried opening the video in a seperate frame on the same page, code is below. This can still be bookmarked and fired up without the password.

      playmovie_btn.onRelease = function()
      geturl("hhtoolfull.html", "playmovie")

      I'm thinking I may need to embed the video in the login page and verify the password each time before opening the video. Am I on the right line of thinking here? Would you have suggestions on coding configurations?