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    Inconsistent behaviour when importing audio

      Hello. I am currently experimenting with Captivate before doing my first real project. At first I thought that the only option I had with audio was to have it in mono. However when I import audio from the Storyboards slide tasks, it stays in stereo and plays back exactly as I have recorded it in Cubase.
      When publishing it sometimes does it's whole audio conversion thing and I get boring mono sounding kind of good and sometimes it doesn't touch the audio and I get a SWF-file with really good audio on it. I have not been able to figure out what controls this so right now it's pretty random if Captivate decides to convert to mono or not. Is there any way to actually control this? Can I tell Captivate to keep it's hands off or at least not convert it to mono?

      Yours sincerely, Marcus Dalgren.