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    Creating Bitmaps from Flash

    Kirk Christopher
      I have a client who is requesting a flash project where the user can create a custom layout with pictures and text. Then they need to be able to save what they created to their hard drive. It needs to be distibuted on CD, so no server code can be useed. Here's the hard part: the graphics have to be print quality (at least 300 dpi.) I have been reseaching this for days and have not come up with a viable solution for this.

      I am thinking that I would have to have the user build the layout on the stage and have a much larger version being build off stage, but I don't know how I would take that information and get it to bitmap format and onto the Hard Drive.

      I am looking for any suggestions. I know I am going to need to use something beyond flash, since flash can not save directly to a hard drive. Should I even be trying this in flash or is there a better way? Anyone?

      I am using Flash MX 2004 on a PC