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    Flash Rolling  Scene


      This is probably very simple for you, but I have not really used Flash before and thus I am getting into a bit of a muddle. I have worked some things out but just can not get it quite right.

      I would like a image to appear for about 5 seconds and then fade into the next image, stop on that image for 5 seconds and so on...

      Does anyone know of a good tutorial I could follow, thus learn whilst getting what I need to get done quite quickly.

      Thanks in advance
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          layerburn Level 1
          I don't know how much you know about actionscript but i've attached a code that will pause the timeline for 5 seconds on the frame you put this code, then it will continue on. So you could lay out all your images with fade in and fade outs then put this code on the image when you want it to pause for 5 seconds, or you can change the timing to whatever you want, just change the 5000 which is for 5 sec to whatever you want like 3000 for 3 sec and so on. You could put this all in a movie clip if you wanted it to loop endlessly or you could just have it run through once, by ending with a stop( ); on your last frame. I hope this helps!! Good luck!