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    Need to use draw api with preloader

    exPluda? Level 1

      I need to have a simple draw api circle preloader.
      I know how to make one using one square, but I just can't make this work with a circle, can anyone please help here?

      I usually use this:

      MovieClip.prototype.desenhar_preloader = function(left, top, right, bottom) {
      this.lineTo(right, top);
      this.lineTo(right, bottom);
      this.lineTo(left, bottom);
      this.lineTo(left, top);

      and then I use

      mc["meio"+i].desenhar_preloader(0, 0, direita-1, espessura-1);

      where direita is the percentage of bytes loaded.

      It's easy and works great, but now I want not to draw a square, but a circle instead,

      Any clue?

      Thanks a ton,