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    Adjust regpoint to flash file

    Level 7

      I'm using the property loc to position one sprite on the screen.


      "mysprite" is an swf file. How can I adjust the regpoint of this ind of

      thank you

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          W_Herold Level 1
          I had a problem with an active swf, that has a fixed size, but a changing regpoint.
          As i fond no solution to change the regpoint of the swf, i did it
          this way.

          --mysprite_x would be spriteloch if sprite's regpoint is centered
          --mysprite_y would be spritelocv if sprite's regpoint is centered
          x0=mysprite_x - sprite(mysprite).width / 2
          y0=mysprite_y - sprite(mysprite).height / 2
          x1=mysprite_x + sprite(mysprite).width / 2
          y1=mysprite_y + sprite(mysprite).height / 2
          sprite(mysprite).rect = rect( x0,y0,x1,y1)

          maybe this can solve your problem