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    Buggy IDE

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      I have been using Flex Builder 2 for a while now and it sure seems to be a
      buggy IDE. I often get errors when switching between design and source mode
      such as "An Error Occurred Refreshing This Display." Sometimes the changes
      I've made in one mode are reflected in the other mode and so I quickly save
      my file, but sometimes the changes are lost.

      I've also seen several times where the code completion does not work for
      items in my application but does for other items in the same app/MXML file.
      I've found that too correct this I need to exit and restart Flex.

      There don't appear to be any Flex 2 updates on the Adobe website but I'm
      hoping Adobe releases a 2.01 version of the IDE soon. Does anyone know if
      this is planned?