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    Library elements not used still compiled??

      So - it used to be my understanding that elements that exist in the library of an .fla are only compiled into the .swf if they are used in the .fla....and that ones that are not used, but exist in the library, are not compiled. However - I have a large application that loads other .swfs into it using a moviecliploader. Since many of these loaded .swfs contain components and classes that I already use in my main .swf, i compiled the smaller .swfs with an exclude XML, that removes these elements from the .swfs - they still have access to the classes because they are compiled in the main .swf. however - today I noticed that, although I have a lot of components in the library of my main .swf, some of them are not used at all in any of my frames or classes - and yet, when I load the other .swfs into this main .swf, these components appear! Keep in mind that they are excluded from the smaller .swfs - this would imply that my main .swf is compiling these components into it, even though these component are not used in the main .swf!! Can anyone explain what's going on? Thanks