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    Trouble With Browser Page Display


      I am just getting started with Captivate and have figured it out for the most part. I am having trouble with displaying a browser page.

      For example, if I am capturing the full screen and open up a web browser with either IE or Firefox the initial page will not display in the Captivate movie. In the captivate movie it will display a white page until I click on the web page. I suppose I could force a screen capture with the "Print Screen" button, but is there a way to have Captivate display the page once it has loaded in the browser?

      Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Honda Guru - welcome aboard!
          I'm unsure what you are saying, so I'll paraphrase what I think your point is, and you tell me if I'm wrong. You are in "recording" mode, and you click a desktop icon to open a browser window ... and the first thing that is captured is a white screen (instead of the web-page you expected to see). Is that right???

          If this is the case, it is normal - in a way. You are trying to use "auto-record" (click with the mouse and get a background capture) to do the work of two entities, Captivate and you.

          When you click the browser icon, the application has to be loaded and rendered to screen, all of which takes time. But Captivate isn't waiting because it is programmed to capture the screen when an "event" (a mouse-click) occurs ... and that event has occurred. So the "fix" is simply to recognize this and work with it.

          While recording, listen for the "camera" sound to let you know that a screen capture takes place when you expect it to. Also, watch t he Captivate recording icon in the right side of the Taskbar - it will flash red when a screen capture occurs.

          If you don't hear the sound or see the icon flash red when expected, assume the screen capture didn't take place as expected and press the PrtScr key to force the screen capture ... AFTER visually confirming that the background has changed to the one you wish to capture.

          ALL recording should be done with a human being actively involved, whether or not you are using "automatic" features. The longer the lag between an "event" (a mouse-click) and the background image change that results from that event, the more important it is to participate (work with) Captivate during the recording phase of your project(s).

          Hope this gets you started. If I missed your point, please restate it and someone will try again to help you out.