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    Database access from a remote server

      Can I have an application running out of a server when database are hosted someplace else (a different server) If so how?

      many thanks
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          Kevin Schmidt Level 1
          Yes you can. As long as the database server is available remotely. You would need the IP of the database server.

          However, keep in that for every request that involves a query, you are going to have to make that jump from one server to the other. This could add a considerable amount of time to your request.
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            TommyMTL Level 1
            Thanks Kevin,

            How do I set up something like that? I cannot find anything to set it up under dreamweaver.

            many thanks
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              ksmith Level 1
              There is nothing to setup in Dreamweaver. What you describe is the typical setup. It is preferable to have one server running your Oracle, MSSQL or other database, while ColdFusion is hosted on another server. Typically when you create a to an enterprise database like MSSQL or Oracle, you input the servername as one of the attributes to the datasource.

              You can review setup of ColdFusion datasources in the administratror's guide. Datasource's are usually setup in the ColdFusion administrator - although dreamweaver give's you an interface to do this same functionality.