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    Designing for Integration

      Hi, i have been assigned a coldfusion project that must be designed to interface with other systems. I dont know anything about the other systems that it will interface with but am assuming that some standards apply that everyone has to follow, then some specific stuff needs to be done once you know the system you want to interface with. I have been told that all the other systems have been developed in Java which is good as i am using coldfusion for the business logic, and apache derby for the database (which is also Java).

      This concept is completely new to me.

      Can anyone give me an indication of what i need to be thinking about in terms of building for interfacing with other systems. Basically, i am using coldfusion for the core system business logic, and apache derby for the database. The primary function for the interface is to get the data that exists on other systems and put it into our system. I am wondering whether this is a database issue or whether it should be designed and managed in coldfusion.

      i would appreciate any advice that any can give me, thanks.