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    Please Help: Flash Express Install Problem


      I am having a bit of trouble getting Flash Express Install to work correctly with my Flash Detection kit. Basically, I have followed the steps in [URL=" http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/fp8_detection.html" Hoekman, Jr.'s article[/URL], but when I test the Express Install, I get the following errors:

      (1) When I test it out with all my files on the server, the browser crashes and the upgrade fails.

      (2) When I test it locally on my Mac OSX hard drive, I am prompted to quit my browser in order to perform the upgrade. It should allow me to keep the browser open and load my SWF once updated:

      "Express Install... prompts users to upgrade to Flash Player 8 if they do not have it already and, when installation is complete, returns the user back to the page that started the process."

      Any ideas? Thanks for your help.