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    Context Sensitive Help: Creating Links to the same .htm file

      Hi Everyone,

      My Help Context Sensitive application requires the exact name of the .htm file to
      bring it up. However, previously different fields on the application used to have
      different .htm file, associated with them. However now, I have them all within
      the same .htm file. But, I have to still keep the old links. As a results, I have to
      keep copying the same .htm file into different names to use the previously
      established link.

      Is there anyway, I can link all these .htm files to one .htm file (call it origin.htm)
      such that while the application still finds the old .htm files, bu they are linked to
      orgin.htm such that a required modification be only done in origin.htm file.

      I hope, I have been clear in expressing what I need.

      thanks Alot.