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    Conditional build tag for folders

      I was told this might be a new feature in coming updates but have not seen an update in about 4 years (glad i didn't buy the maintenance) - does anyone know a way to edit core files to enable a folder to link a conditional build tag without code being rewritten when you generate a new file set?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Steve

          Believe it or not, Adobe is hard at work on a new version of RoboHelp to make an appearance some time next year. Maybe there will be a feature that allows different ways of applying conditional tagging. If you want to be sure this suggestion reaches Adobe, you can click the link below and submit a Wish Form.

          Click here to visit the Wish Form

          Note that if topics are excluded, they don't appear in the output. So essentially, if you apply conditions to all topics inside a folder and all are excluded via the build expression, that folder is effectively moot.

          Sincerely... Rick